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Did you know a gas connection to your barbecue is cheaper than operating with propane? That’s right, natural gas is a very affordable option and is typically a third of the cost of using propane. If you enjoy grilling and entertaining, a natural gas connection to your barbecue could make your life a lot easier. There are many benefits to using natural gas. With natural gas, your barbecue is always ready. Unlike propane, you have a continuous amount of cooking fuel and don’t ever have to worry about running out. Also, in an emergency, you can quickly turn off the gas if needed. With natural gas your grill will heat up much more quickly. You will be eating in no time and having extra time to relax and entertain! Another bonus is, since the heat of natural gas is distributed equally, it allows your food to cook more evenly.

Your grill can be connected to your house through a separate gas line using a detachable hose. When not in use, the hose can be disconnected which makes storing your barbecue even more convenient.

Switch to natural gas and never worry about running out of propane again! No more trips to fill up your tank or purchasing and lugging pre-filled tanks. When you hire a licensed professional, we can ensure that the installation will be done properly and safely.

Make the most of summer and warm up cooler nights with a natural gas connection to your outdoor patio heater, fire pit or fireplace. Contact us for details and more information regarding our natural gas services.

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