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What is the purpose of an humidifier in your home?

The primary purpose of a humidifier is to introduce water vapor into the air inside your home. The natural amount of moisture in the air can be affected by many things from heating and cooling systems to the weather outside.

The air in your home can become very dry because the house is a closed environment especially during hot summer days or cool nights when windows are all closed. A house can actually remain very dry inside for a long time because of the lack of ventilation.

The humidifiers that we install can convert water into vapor. This vapor is then distributed into the air where it increases humidity levels.

When should you consider having one?

One of the first signs that you need a humidifier is if the home is consistently dry and uncomfortable. This could mean excessively dry eyes or skin.

Dry conditions can also cause respiratory issues. If everyone in the house seems to be coughing or if problems like asthma are worse, then calling us to install a humidifier might be a good option.

Another thing to look for is damage to personal items or the structure of the house. Dry air can cause paint to chip away, wood to crack and personal items like musical instruments to become brittle. We can install a humidifier to help stop these problems.

What are the benefits of having one in your home?

You will see several benefits after we install a humidifier in your home. The first is going to be better comfort. Air containing the right level of moisture makes the house feel more comfortable instead of cold and drafty.

A humidifier will protect your house from damage caused by dryness. Plaster, artwork, wooden floors, and furniture will all last for a much longer time after a humidifier is installed.

There are health benefits  to consider, as well. Dry environments allow cold germs and influenza to spread more easily. The humidifiers we install will help to cut down on the spread of these harmful germs. A final benefit is that it will be easier to breathe. Proper humidity levels make it easier for the lungs to work. This reduces the severity of any respiratory problems.

How can a humidifier lower your energy bills?

Humidifiers have the potential to lower your energy bills during the year. A home with very little moisture in the air feels colder than the average air temperature. This makes it necessary to turn up the thermostat on chilly nights to compensate. That increase in temperature also increases heating bills.

The humidifiers we install increase moisture levels. The result is that everyone in the house will feel a little warmer than the air temperature which in turn will reduce your heating bills during the year.

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